Best Jeans for Your Body Type

Which are the best jeans for your body type? Like people, jeans come in all shapes and sizes: there’s a cut to suit every man, whether short, tall, skinny, fat or perfectly proportioned. Knowing which pair suits which man is the problem.

The well-built, perfectly proportioned man can wear any style he likes. But a low waist can make his middle appear wider: ideal for skinny men who feel they could do with a few extra pounds. For whatever reason a man decides to wear a low waist, his stomach must be absolutely flat with not an ounce of excess fat around the hips.


Best Jeans for Tall, Skinny Men

The best jeans for skinny, long-legged men are low slung and loose-fitting, but they shouldn’t be so loose that they look as though they’re hanging off him. To make legs seem shorter, jeans should be a few inches too long or worn with turn-ups.

Best Jeans for Body TypeLeave shirts and t-shirts untucked to make the torso seem longer and legs shorter. V-neck cardigans add length to a short torso and look great with jeans.

If wearing a belt, make sure it’s not too wide — it shortens the torso adding length to legs.

Jeans with wide back pockets with flaps or strong, horizontal stitching make a lacking posterior seem fuller. Stretch creases running from the crotch add width to thighs.

Very skinny men should never wear shiny textures or skinny jeans unless they want to look even skinnier.


Best Jeans for Overweight Men

That isn’t to say that skinny jeans and shiny textures make fat men look thin. They have the opposite effect and accentuate bulges. Chinos work well as casual trousers for overweight men, but if it has to be jeans, then a loose fit, normal waist and straight leg are best.

Best Jeans for Body Type

Long and loose-fitting t-shirts disguise a protruding belly, and plain back pockets prevent eyes straying to a sagging behind.


Best Jeans for Short Men

It’s recommended that short men wear formal trousers at a length just above the heel. This rule doesn’t apply for jeans. But baseball boots do the trick of making legs appear longer. Wear wide belts and t-shirts, cardigans and jackets that are well-fitting but a little on the short side around the waist. But never tuck clothes into jeans — it’s uncool.

If short legs are not the problem, longer shirts etc. make short men seem taller.

Skinny jeans are great for the short. They don’t make legs longer if the waist is low, but the look is jaunty.

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