Sideburn Styles to Suit Your Face Shape

There are many ways to wear the facial hair at the sides of your face, but few sideburn styles have a name. The right one, however, can fill out a thin face, reduce a long chin, extend a weak chin, or accentuate cheekbones.


Sideburn Styles

Decisive is length if you want to improve the shape of your face.

Worn long, sideburns can fill out a thin face or balance a large/long chin.

Worn short, they can balance a weak chin. This effect is further enhanced with a chin beard.

Sideburn StylesShow off chiseled cheekbones by slanting the ends of your sideburns at the same angle.

If you’ve got a triangular face, you can taper your sideburns to a point.  This counteracts a wide forehead.

As a rule, you should wear your hair longer at the back if your sideburns are long, and keep it short if they are short.


Mutton Chops

One style that does have a name is the ‘mutton chops’. This is when the sideburns extend to the cheeks. If they connect to a mustache they are called ‘friendly mutton chops’. Facial hair that covers the cheeks is also a great way to fill out a thin face.Sideburn Styles: Mutton Chops

Be creative with your sideburns. You can even let your barber etch designs into them. But whatever you do, make sure length and width of each is the same.


How to Trim Sideburns

Some men like their sideburns long and scruffy — a style that requires little maintenance. But if you prefer a clean-cut look, you’ll need to take care of them everyday.

Sideburn Styles: Long, wide sideburnsThe best way to get equal length is by measuring against your ear. If your sideburns end at your earlobe, use it as a marking point. Set your razor there and shave with one downward sweep.

It’s best to use two mirrors, especially if your sideburns are shaped.

If you use foam, cream or gel to shave, you won’t be able to see what you’re doing. Shaving oil works best.

Run a beard trimmer up your sideburns once every two or three days to keep them tidy.

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